Messermeister Park Plaza Chef'S Knife, 8-Inch

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  • The German 1.4116 high-carbon, stainless alloy blade resists stains and corrosion, exhibits toughness and durability, holds its edge retention, and is easy to re-sharpen to a razor-like edge.

  • This knife line is one-piece stamped, which produces a thin and lightweight blade. They are heat treated and cooled to achieve a Rockwell of 57-58.

  • The 20 edge on this blade is efficient and resilient.

  • The knives are outfitted with the finest industrial strength thermoplastic polyoxymethylene (POM) handle.

  • Handcrafted in the historic cutlery capital of Solingen, Germany.

  • The Knife for Life guarantee provides a lifetime warranty against material and manufacturing defects.

  • Color : Black

  • Size : 8

The Park Plaza knife collection is Messermeisters stamped version of the triple-rivet, full exposed tang, German knife series. This collection is manufactured with one-piece, die-cut stamped blades using high quality German stainless steel alloy. The stamped blades do not have a bolster and are lighter than forged knives. Park Plaza knives are trimmed, straightened and hardened then attached to industrial quality handles that are buffed to a seamless fit and finish. Manufactured in the historical City of Blades, Solingen, Germany by cutlery artisans, these are a great value. The chefs knife is the workhorse in every kitchen. You will gravitate to this knife and will find yourself using it for 90% of all your cutting tasks. The Messermeister Park Plaza 8 Chefs Knife has an industrial strength polyoxymethylene or POM handle. The stamped blade has been ground down to a thin profile to create a razor sharp edge. You can chop, slice, dice and mince your way through extended cutting tasks without fatigue.