Taser X26C Digital Power Magazine Battery (26700)

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  • Compatible with the TASER X26c

  • Power supply system with an onboard memory chip

  • Chip maintains vital operational status information : remaining power level, energy cell performance, life expectancy and loads

  • ires approximately 200 shots of 10 seconds each

  • Battery life can vary in extreme environment conditions

This battery unit is designed for the TASER X26C. The unit comprises of a lithium cell power supply with an integrated memory chip that records vital data.

Monitored data includes remaining power, cell performance, and life expectancy of unit in various loads and temperature conditions. This information is digitally displayed on the TASER Central Information Display (CID) so that you'll always know when your battery needs a replacement.

This is not a rechargeable battery. Battery life can differ in various environmental conditions such as extreme heat or cold. On average, it will allow you to fire up to 200 shots at 10 seconds intervals.