Omron Hj-112 Digital Pocket Pedometer

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  • Omron dual axis technology; counts steps accurately and quietly whether positioned vertically or horizontally

  • Automatically resets daily to accurately track steps

  • Stores up to 7 days of information in memory; Resets to zero at midnight

  • Six tracking modes, track steps, aerobic steps, time, distance, calories and fat grams burned

  • Tracks two kinds of steps; Tracks both regular and brisk steps separately

  • Color : light blue

  • Size : Single

Start out on the right foot by pushing your limits and reaching your personal goals. The Omron GOsmart Pocket Pedometer pushes you to go further, try harder, do better. It seamlessly tracks your steps, calories, distance and more. Get ready to hear things like lookin good and you look thinner already. People are sure to notice your new years resolution to Step it up with a GOsmart pedometer.