Medication Zipper Hood Security Bag (Royal Blue)

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  • Lock Not Included: Zipperhood used with standard luggage lock

  • Secure storage and travel protection

  • Restricts access to children and teens preventing drug abuse or accidental overdose

  • Holds 5-6 standard prescription medication bottles

  • Size 9 x 6 (+/- .25 )

  • Color : Royal Blue

  • Size : 9Wx6L

This medication bag is designed for convenience and security. This type of bag, otherwise known as zipper hood bag, has been popular for many years to secure valuables. Its simplicity is based on a unique time-tested method of securing the zipper with a standard padlock. For these secure bags the zipper pull is inserted through a slotted steel zipper hood. The zipper on the bag is then secured by inserting the shackle of a padlock through the zipper pull.