Ring Pen Ergonomic Ball Point Pen (Gift Set) Includes 1 Ring Pen, 1 Pkg.Refills And A Gift Box

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  • Super Comfortable Relaxes hand while writing and reduces fatigue

  • Stays on hand while multitasking and is easy to find on desk because of its unique shape

  • Does not require firm grip so it can be used by persons with weak or shaky hands

  • Reduces pain for those with arthritis or carpal tunnel

  • Writing is easier, more fluent and secure

  • Color : Black

This is a unique ergonomic design to make writing task fun again. It is used by those who require grip adaptations and by others who just want a unique pen. Sylish black pen with black ink. This gift set comes with the Ring Pen, Package of 2 Refills and Packaged in a gold box with gold elastic tie. Box is protected by additional clear bag. Ready to give as a gift.