Raw Sugar Cane Swizzle Sticks -

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  • Each stick is 7 tall.

  • Great for drinks like cocktails and coffee.

  • 20 sticks to a pack.

  • Grown in Hawaii.

  • Made of pure sugar cane.

  • Color : Brown

  • Size : 7 Inches

These authentic sugar cane swizzle sticks make stirring things up sweeter than ever! With 20 sugar cane sticks in each package, you can save your spoons and mix all of your drinks this way! Each unique sugarcane stick has the perfect amount of pure sugar cane for sweetening cocktails or coffee and we've even had customers grill them with shrimp! Tasty! In stock and ready to ship. Features: Made of pure sugar cane. Great for drinks like cocktails, tea and coffee. No refrigeration necessary, however if bag gets punctured product will spoil. When using, put in a container with water to keep sticks moist. At the end of the evening, simply freeze or refrigerate unused sticks. Vacuum packed, good for one year. They are shelf stable at room temperature. Should be kept out of light. Specs: Each stick is 7 tall. Pack of 20 sticks. .