Waterwipes Baby Wipes - Unscented - 240 Ct

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WaterWipes are by far the world's purest baby wipes, and are suitable from birth thanks to their amazing 99.9% water composition. The other 0.1% is a droplet of fruit extract. No other chemicals or ingredients whatsoever. WaterWipes are unlike any other baby wipe on the market, and have been produced using cutting-edge new patent-pending technology to give unrivalled mildness, purity and safety. Conventional chemicals-based baby wipes use ingredients also found in bubble baths, shampoos, etc - but those products aren't used on a baby's skin 10+ times every day! There isn't a skincare product that you'd use on your own adult skin 70-100 times every week, so why would you do this to a small baby's delicate skin if you didn't have to?! WaterWipes are the baby wipe that parents and healthcare professionals have been waiting for.

Wipe Dimensions: 6.4 x 7.3 inches